Attendee Engagement
Professionals attend conferences and trade shows for several different reasons, but the common ground for all of these attendees is engagement.     Although many come with predetermined agendas, they are still looking for avenues that create “ice breaking” opportunities for interaction. The SCANVenger Hunt platform creates an environment that opens up multiple channels for attendee engagement during conferences and trade shows. It Provides an experience that cultivates high energy competition, and participants are often blown away by how the SCANVenger Hunt game motivates players to not only interact with the exhibitors but also one another.

Trade Shows Attendee Engagement000001
We understand that foot traffic is the life-blood of trade shows so we decided to take it a step further to make it interactive. The SCANVenger Hunt platform can increase your attendee engagement by using gamification elements that allow for casual introductions. After your attendees register as a SCANVenger Hunt player, they are driven to exhibitor booths where they will earn points for prizes. Each competitor is boosted into prize categories as they accumulate points when they answer questions correctly. Your can create an even deeper level of attendee engagement when the SCANVenger Hunt question is directly related to the exhibited product or service because that opens a channel for dialogue. The SCANVenger Hunt platform also tracks activity and aggregates visitor profiles just like traditional lead retrieval systems. All participating exhibitors can access their event reports in our web portal by using their unique login credentials.