Event Engagement Solutions

Providing engagement solutions for your events and destination needs is our focus and expertise. The flexibility of of our engagement platforms have set it apart from others when it comes down to meeting the desires of our client’s event objectives. Whether the focus is to increase the impressions of their sponsor’s brand through hyper-concentrated dwell time or driving traffic to locations in the exhibit, we have a solution.

Each one of our engagement solutions function as a separate component that’s available as an option when you license the SCANTrivia platform. Our team kept the end users in mind from all stakeholder vantage points in order to ensure optimum interaction throughout the experience. Developing processes that encourages early participation with incentivized  hook-and-go game mechanics produces the type of interaction among participants that’s sure to take your event to new heights.

Interactive Game Wall
Attendee-to-Sponsor Engagement Solution
The Interactive Game Wall (IGW) always seems to be the big hit at every conference or trade show for driving sponsor engagement and attendee interaction. The 8’x’10’ wall has 30 QR codes that link to questions about the sponsor’s product or service which extend the value well beyond the traditional static logo placement.  Learn more>

Interactive Name Badges
Attendee-to-Attendee Networking Solution
SCANTrivia Interactive Name Badges provide a great way for your attendees to network and learn more about one another. Adding more value than the traditional name badges, SCANTrivia Interactive Name Badges allow users to scan and either make a connection and/or answer a trivia question to learn more about them. Learn more>

Lead Retrieval
Attendee-to-Exhibitor Engagement Solution
SCANTrivia puts your event at the cutting-edge of technology with a lead retrieval solution that is affordable and effective. Unlike traditional lead retrieval systems, the SCANTrivia platform does not require the use of equipment. Learn more>