This first annual conference for the WINiT (Women In Travel) group was held on Saturday July 26, 2014, in Los Angeles, CA, and was a clear success with hundreds of attendees on hand to network and learn.


“This group was founded this year with the goal of providing support for career development, meLisa_Paul_Kuonintoring and promotion of women who are in the travel industry,” said WINiT Founder Michelle ‘Mick’ Lee. “The travel industry has 65% of women in its ranks, yet very few hold executive level positions. By having this organization, we can bring together professionals from all over the globe, and in any industry, and focus on the professional development opportunities that are lacking.”

While the group is focused on women in the profession, this network brings all travel professionals together to help make the industry better. Commented Hervé Sedky, Founder of Klio Companies, “With business travel becoming so important for global connections and business, it is also important to have the best minds leading the industry. This organization is unique in that it is neutral to both associations and industries, so it brings together individuals who may not normally engage. By having this kind of dialogue and professional mentoring, everyone gains and advances.”
The dialogue and connections were flourishing at the inaugural conference. With ten featured speakers that covered a multitude of topics, and educational sessions for the attendees, the conference was packed with information and action. “This has been such an amazing conference”, said attendee Holly Warner, Travel Manager for North and Latin America, Citigroup. “With so many great connections and conversations, the travel industry will certainly see some great thought leaders emerge.

An inaugural conference also brought an inaugural mobile technology to the equation. “We partnered with SCANVenger Hunt who launched their new SCANTrivia Interactive Name Badges and created a fresh way to differentiate this conference and the engagement,” commented Lisa Paul, Head of Marketing at Kuoni Destination Management. “This conference is about collaboration, and we wanted to cultivate conversation versus having just a business card exchange. We used the SCANTrivia Interactive Name Badges to provided a fun and unique way to network by having attendees provide trivia questions about themselves. Attendees also scanned and answered questions about the conference.”

Stated Mick Lee, “This is just the beginning and we are so excited about the future of the travel industry and how women can impact it.”


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