Infiniti of Dayton Engages with Customers by Using SCANVenger Hunt

Considering that the slowest season for most car dealerships in the midwest is winter Infiniti of Dayton decided to have a SCANVenger Hunt to create some fun activity and to promote the launch of the Infiniti M Hybrid and the Infiniti G.

The SCANVenger Hunt course was set up with 20 stops throughout the dealership including the service department, main showroom and preowned vehicles department. Most of the questions were geared toward educating the customers about the vehicle’s creature comforts while others focused more on the new programs that the dealership had to offer.

“Using gamification to engage withe customers with QR codes has become a popular way to promote products and services because of the proliferation of smart phones,” said Sean Fields, Co-founder of SCANVenger Hunt. “The SCANVenger Hunt platform provides several experiential marketing features that can be accessed to  increase engagement levels,” he continued.

The two day SCANVenger Hunt was kicked off over the weekend and was encentvized with an iPad as the grand prize. Each player had to have a certain amount of points in order to be in the prize drawing.

The results of the SCANVenger Hunt double the dealerships monthly foot traffic in two days. The questions caused customers to engage with sales reps for answers increasing face-time and helping building customer rapport . The Infiniti commercials boosted product knowledge as they were educated on features they were not aware of until after the SCANVenger Hunt.


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