Our company provides gamification solutions that drive
attendee-to-attendee or 
attendee-to-exhibitor interaction
for corporate events and trade shows.

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Attendee-to-Exhibitor Engagement

SCANTrivia drives traffic to your exhibitor booths with gamification methods that prompt engagement with measurable results.

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Attendee-to-Attendee Interaction

Loosen up your attendees during conferences with an ice-breaker that is sure to get the conversation going with SCANTrivia Interactive Name Badges.

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Sponsor Impressions with Measurable Data

Give your sponsors more than “eye balls” during your event. Offer them hyper-concentrated engagement with data-driven dwell-time through the SCANTrivia platform.

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Employee Engagement and Team Building

If your company is looking for a team-building exercises that’s sure to encourage cooperation by challenging individuals with content that reinforces company objectives then you’ve landed on the right site.

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15 Alternatives to Virtual Events

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