About SCANTrivia

Professionals attend your events for several reasons but the common ground for most attendees is engagement.  Although many come for education and entertainment, they are still looking for avenues that create “ice breaking” opportunities for networking. The SCANVenger Hunt and SCANTrivia platforms can provide unique value to your event(s) by offering components suited for your venue and audience.

The SCANTrivia Event Platform utilizes game mechanics that open up multiple channels for attendees as well as your exhibitors and sponsors to gain maximum  engagement during conferences and trade shows. SCANTrivia cultivates an experience that generates high-energy competitive interaction between attendees while driving foot-traffic to your exhibitors and sponsors by way of the exhibitor passport. Event sponsors and corporate course participants use the SCANTrivia platform as a lead retrieval system as well as to increase brand touch points and location dwell time.  All of the game activities are aggregated on the platform and accessible to the client and participating exhibitors.

The SCANVenger Hunt Destination Platform is primarily used by Open Air Malls, Airports, Sports Venues and Destination Management Companies. Known for it’s experiential marketing game mechanics, SCANVenger Hunts are better suited for organization who are looking to incentivize visitor activity through the use of special offers, rewards and prizes. With SCANVenger Hunt your course can be placed within the destination(s) and activated for a one-day event including experiential marketing challenges or an on-going privilege program where your visitors are motivated to make purchases based on incentives. Learn more>