Mall Property and Business District Hunts

SCANVenger Hunts  drive visitors to retail locations and business district establishments while using experiential marketing as the fundamental tactic for engagement. As SCANVenger Hunt players find the locations and unlock the codes they are prompted to go inside to perform tasks that encourage interaction with the product or service. Whether your task is to go inside Clarks and try on their Wave shoe and upload a pic to Facebook or find the latest flavor on the menu at Cold Stone Creamery, players always have fun while making purchases along the way.

SCANVenger Hunt retail courses can either be guided or self determined. Guided course are usually for planned activities which have a specific start and stop time. Self determined course can be set up and left in place for extended periods of time.

Retail Hunts Increase:

– Location Awareness
– Brand Knowledge
– Social Media Exposure
– Visitor Dwell Time


“Scanvenger Hunts at The Greene have been a marketing home run for us! We have seen increased sales and traffic for the participating stores and our customers love being a part of them.”

theGreene2Kelli Kooken
Marketing Director
The Greene Town Center