Interactive Game Wall

The Interactive Game Wall (IGW) always seems to be the big hit at every conference or trade show for driving sponsor engagement and attendee interaction. The 8’x’10’ wall has 30 QR codes that link to questions about the sponsor’s product or service which extend the value well beyond the traditional static logo placement. When players answer the question correctly, the following page is embedded with a link that allows the user the opportunity to learn even more about the brand by visiting the sponsor’s web site.

Placing the Interactive Game Wall (IGW) in high traffic locations also increases attendee engagement. The IGW, used in conjunction with the SCANTrivia Leaderboard, creates a casual meeting ground for attendees as they play in a concentrated area to earn points. The IGW not only provides an avenue to educate and engage, but it also brings a lot of excitement to your event as players see themselves climb up the leaderboard with every earned point.

Your sponsors will be pleased to see that the IGW provides a deeper level of engagement in comparison to traditional promotional methods such as exposure on swag bags and conference booklets. Sponsors also capture walk-by impressions from attendees that see their 65″ banner as they pass through the high-traffic area.