Gamification has been defined in many ways by companies who provide the service to their clients as well as by corporate subject matter experts. It has replaced social media as the new buzz-word and its meaning is quickly being honed by trail-blazers who pave the way making the word a ubiquitous corporate term for early adopters to exploit in their blogs. In other words, the box has been created and “gamification” is being stuffed inside.

Although “gamification” has been coined as a word to represent a process that involves game-like components that integrate a targeted set of mechanics for a specific user group, we feel flexibility  is necessary in order for those mechanics to resonate with the end-user. Therefore, we address your project needs by taking into consideration your collective body of attendees and corporate culture  before assessing the best game mechanics and components for your event.

We can list the popular game elements such as points, badges, levels, and leaderboards along with their mechanics but I’m sure you have learned all about them during your research on gamification. We’d rather focus on how effective these elements can be when they are assembled in a manner that delivers optimum results.

Whether you aim to drive traffic to exhibitor booths, increase sponsor interaction or attendee networking our platforms are flexible enough to satisfy each stakeholder.


It is Rocket Science

Our clients usually shoot for the moon because they expect their attendee’s experience to be out-of-sight and for that… you guessed it… you need a rocket!

Our process includes aligning our client’s objectives with successful past projects and determining the best strategy based on those results. Integrating proven methods from analytical data gives us a solid foundation for choosing the best game components for your event.

Once the components have been identified we program the game mechanics with functions that produce hyper-concentrated interaction through a series of engagement triggers that blast your event to new heights… and that’s why you need a rocket.

Contact us when you’re ready to launch!