The SCANScanvenger_Hunt_Players_Team_BuildingVenger Hunt Platform

Energize your next city tour, dine-around or destination excursion with the SCANVenger Hunt Platform. Our award winning platform has been recognized by NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) as Best Entertainment as well by NACo (National Association of Counties) for its economic impact on business districts.

Linking experiential marketing with social media, the SCANVenger Hunt platform can drive product sales while increasing location awareness in areas with low foot-traffic circulation. Visitors are able access mobile rewards and special offers that can be saved or redeemed on their smart phones.

Although the SCANVenger Hunt platform can be used for conferences and trade shows, it’s primarily suited for Lifestyle Centers (open-air shopping malls), business districts and mutli-destination tours because of its many robust features. The SCANVenger Hunt platform has been used for:

City Hunts
Integrate SCANVenger Hunt into your next city tour and drive traffic to your local destinations and establishments in a fun and interactive way. Learn more>

Retail Hunts
SCANVenger Hunts  drive visitors to retail locations and business district establishments while using experiential marketing as the fundamental tactic for engagement. Learn more>

Team Building
Drive corporate objectives and program goals through team-building with the SCANVenger Hunt platform. Learn more>


“not only was it a fun and rewarding experience for all those involved, but it brought new Sponsorship revenue to our Symposium.”

Tina GarciaSWVS-Logo-CMYK
Executive Director

” …it was the best game they ever played and actually learned a lot as they answered the questions.”


Sandra Lindstrom
Senior Director, Conference and Meeting Services