Interactive Name Badge (INB)

SCANTrivia Interactive Name Badges provide a great way for your attendees to network and learn more about one another. Adding more value than the traditional name badges, SCANTrivia Interactive Name Badges allow users to scan and either make a connection and/or answer a trivia question to learn more about them. Once the question has been answered correctly, the player accumulates points and ultimately levels up into prize categories.

The SCANTrivia Interactive Name Badges can be used in conjunction with the SCANTrivia platform game elements including the exhibitor locations, the Interactive Game Wall and the leader board. As your attendees level up they’ll earn badges for their activity and see their points show up in real-time on the leader board.

Incorporating the Interactive Name Badges into your event can increase attendee-to-attendee networking while adding excitement that’s sure to keep the conversations going.

You can now purchase, print and use on demand at your event!

“We have been really impressed with the level of engagement that SCANVenger Hunt has brought  to our clients’ meetings and conferences.”

Lisa Paulkuoni
Head of Marketing and
Manager, Global Accounts