Trade Show Booth Traffic and Attendee Networking

We understand that trade show booth traffic is the life-blood of the expo hall and driving activity can often be frustrating. We also know that punch cards and trail maps are antiquated while smartphones have taken center stage as the choice medium for interaction and that’s why we created SCANTrivia.

Whether you want to reinforce presentation content at your seminar or symposium or increase trade show booth traffic at your expo or conference, the SCANTrivia Event platform does it effectively.

The SCANTrivia platform increases your trade show booth traffic by using gamification elements that allow for casual introductions. When integrated into your event, SCANTrivia enhances the overall experience by adding an element of fun interaction with game mechanics flexible enough to coincide with your program objectives.

Your SCANTrivia stops can be placed inside the exhibit hall as well as around the venue to drive goals, highlight a topic and/or support your gamification sponsor.