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We have served many Fortune 500 companies by providing  avenues that  position their brands for optimum attendee engagement. Whether your company is looking to drive foot-traffic to businesses around your city or within a conference or trade show setting our gamification platforms offers tremendous value… but don’t just take it from us.

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“It was a great, fun way to drive sponsor engagement with measurable results… Our attendees really got inspired and enthusiastic about competing with each other… it was a value add!”

Karen Kowtowski
Chief Executive Officer
Convention Industry Council


“We have been really impressed with the level of engagement that SCANVenger Hunt has brought  to our clients’ meetings and conferences.  Attendees seem to really enjoy participating, and the networking, educational and lead retrieval benefits of SCANVenger Hunt and its flexible platform have helped us deliver great value to our client family.”

Lisa Paul
Head of Marketing and Manager, Global Accounts
Kuoni Destination Management USA Inc.


“Our attendees have a great time with it… we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from our exhibitors and sponsors so it’s been a very positive experience.”

Jennifer Lee
Director of Marketing
Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals


“We implemented SCANVenger for the first time into our conference this year to rave reviews, our attendees loved it! Our exhibitors reported great interaction surrounding the game at their booths and we had a steady stream of players in front of the leader board in the registration area at every break. We recommend them, and SCANVenger, very highly!”

Beth O’Brian
Manager, Conference and Meetings
Association of Clinical Research Professionals


“SCANTrivia increased the amount of time the attendee would spend within the booth.  For this reason alone – we have already had sponsors talk to us about participating in the conference again next year.  This is such a unique and fun way to facilitate engagement between the sponsors and the attendees. “

Sarah Schmidt, CMP
Program Director
The Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center

“It created a ton of excitement at our mid-year meeting! We developed the game around our company playbook and upper management said it was the best game they ever played and actually learned a lot as they answered the questions.”
Sandra Lindstrom
Senior Director, Conference and Meeting Services



“It’s new, it’s innovative, it’s technology-based and fast! It really helped start the conversation with the exhibitors. The feedback from the exhibitors has been very positive and they’ve gotten great leads. Also, not only was it a fun and rewarding experience for all those involved, but it brought new Sponsorship revenue to our Symposium.”

Tina Garcia
Executive Director
Southwest Veterinary Symposium

“The SCANVenger Hunt will ultimately be in every major destination and the technology has so many possibilities beyond the traditional scavenger hunt. We used SCANVenger Hunt for a NACE dine-around in Denver and won a chapter award for best entertainment… it was a lot of fun!”

Nicole Marsh
Arrangers DMC

AXS Group

” We decided to use SCANVenger Hunt because the platform flexibility allowed us to work within our program instead of having to build our program around someone else’s platform… Our event went really well and everyone was engaged.”

Brittny Shaw
Senior Meeting Planner
National AAA

“It was the buzz of the conference! The attendees went all over the hotel answering questions about what we do and then they went to the exhibitors and they loved it! They had a chance to interacted and network with people they didn’t know.”

Beth Brooks
Executive Director
Texas Society of Association Executives

“It has opened a lot of doors for our exhibitors by giving the attendees an opportunity to learn more about the exhibitors… it’s been great!”

Kelly McDowell
Client Solutions Manager
International Association of Venue Managers

“SCANTrivia was a big success at the NCPA Annual Convention in Austin. Those that participated were very excited while playing and it was great seeing them have so much fun. Your 24hr offsite technical support was a blessing and a great help!”

Nina Dadgar
Sr. Director, Business Development and Exhibits
National Community Pharmacists Association




““SCANVenger Hunt  was extremely beneficial to the event attendees and our students. The game triggered the attendees’ curiosity and became the icebreaker to induce the dialogue among participants. The students had a lot of fun to figure out interesting questions, and they were motivated to interact more with exhibitors and event hosts.””

Dr. Yinghua Huang
Hospitality Professor
San Jose’ University




“Scanvenger Hunts at The Greene have been a marketing home run for us! We have seen increased sales and traffic for the participating stores and our customers love being a part of them.”

Kelli Kooken
Marketing Director
The Greene Town Center

“SCANVenger Hunt was a success and the team building exercise was definitely something that I would try as a Subject Meeting Expert/ Meeting Planner in the future due to the fact that it was very interactive, engaging, and fun for the participants/clients. “

Debbie Howarth
Associate Professor
Johnson & Wales University


“As someone who oversees special events I think you can easily incorporated the SCANVenger Hunt game into any of your events.”

Jennifer Hickok
Director of Special Events and Corporate Partnerships
Roswell Park Cancer Institute