City SCANVenger Hunt (scavenger hunt)

Integrate SCANVenger Hunt into your next city tour and drive traffic to your local destinations and establishments in a fun and interactive way. Whether you are looking for a high-energy activity with a timed course including questions and tasks or a low-impact tour of the city where your attendees work together, the SCANVegner Hunt platform will provide an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Planning a dine-around as your next event? No problem, the SCANVenger Hunt platform not only serves as a fun and engaging activity but was recognized by NACE Denver as Best Entertainment for their LoDo (lower downtown) Dine-Around.

Contact us and we’ll ensure your dine-around has the entertainment value your client deserves.



“The SCANVenger Hunt will ultimately be in every major destination and the technology has so many possibilities beyond the traditional scavenger hunt.”

Nicole Marsh