The HITEC Conference in Minneapolis is yet another example of how the SCANVenger Hunt platform can be used to enhance the attendee-to-exhibitor experience.  The SCANVenger Hunt platform brings the power of a game application and adds in a digital experience that attendees and exhibitors alike will appreciate.  The SCANVenger Hunt platform is a tool that provides more than just a fun digital game played at a given venue.

The platform provides benefits in three important areas:

  • Education :  Attendees and exhibitors attend shows primarily to learn, and the SCANVenger Hunt platform provides an easy-to-use digital system to encourage learning.  Attendees come away with information on the exhibitors, sponsors, conference and host city, and it provides reinforcement of information to those same attendees.  The increase in knowledge provides a higher level of awareness regarding the show’s messaging.
  • Trade Show Engagement :  For exhibitors and attendees, the engagement provided by the SCANVenger Hunt platform is both structured and fun.  Exhibitors are able to provide questions to start the conversation with the attendee on the show floor, and affect the initial engagement they have with the attendees.  And for attendees, using the SCANVenger Hunt platform helps start the initial conversation with the exhibitors. The platform also features a lead retrieval component that allows the exhibitor to access in real-time.
  • Healthy competition : Attendees are always interested in the competitive aspect of the SCANVenger Hunt platform.  They are able to gain points, move into different levels of the platform, see their performance on the leaderboard, and win some cool prizes.  It also brings about fun and energy to the trade show, and the digital portion of the engagement allows the participants to see up to the minute scores, stations they have yet to access, and how they are doing compared to others in the SCANVenger Hunt game.

If you are looking to take your trade show engagement to a new level and have some fun in the process, check out our video testimonials and listen to how other attendees, exhibitors and show managers have used the SCANVenger Hunt platform. You can also check out our case studies for further information on how other clients have used the SCANVenger Hunt platform.