Punch cards and passports allow attendees to quickly pass through visitor displays at trade shows and conferences, but how does this help your sponsor’s ROI?  How are your events increasing dwell time at sponsor displays? Are you reinforcing materials and important topics covered during sessions?  Are your sponsors getting the attention they deserve?

Engage Attendees at your Conference

It takes more than a punch card and a fishbowl for business cards to engage with attendees.  Your sponsors deserve more than that.   Integrating the SCANVenger Hunt throughout your conferences allows for attendees to engage with sponsors and provides a way for materials covered throughout the breakout sessions to be reinforced.

This is because including the SCANVenger Hunt into your sponsorship packages increases dwell time with sponsors and allows them to engage and educate attendees on their products and services and helps to build qualified leads.  Proving Exhibitor ROI is important to keep sponsors happy and to make them continue to sponsor your events.

Texas Society of Association Executives – TSAE uses Hi-tech Scavenger Hunt Gamification Platform to Increase Exhibitor ROI at Conference

TSAE – Texas Society of Association Executives understand the value in getting their sponsors the attention they deserve.  During the TSAE New Ideas conference in Irving, Texas, they integrated the SCANVenger Hunt platform throughout their entire conference and included it in program booklets, breakout sessions, t-shirts…well you get the picture. The awesome thing about this is that TSAE grabbed the attention of the attendees during their conference and obtained over 2,240 Interactive Impressions.  The sponsors loved the extra attention and the opportunities received because of the SCANVenger Hunt.  Don’t just take my word for it, hear it from them directly in the video below.