Convention Industry Council Ditches Stamp Card for Digital Engagement During Annual CMP Conclave

CIC Directs Interaction to Key Exhibitors with SCANVenger Hunt While Educating Attendees about Spokane, WA.

Spokane, WA. June 25, 2013 — When the CIC thought about this year’s annual conference in Spokane, they elected to get rid of the stamp cards and step into the digital age. Their decision was to use a web-based application called SCANVenger Hunt that’s known for producing high levels of attendee-to-exhibitor interaction. Through game-play, the SCANVenger Hunt gamification platform creates a unique way for attendees to engage with exhibitors at trade shows and conferences. Karen Kotowsky, CEO of the Convention Industry Council stated, “SCANVenger Hunt added great value to our event by providing a fun way for our attendees to interact with our exhibitors”. She also added, “Our exhibitors loved it! In the past we had a manual process where the attendees went around and got a sign off from all of the sponsors but this made it a lot more engaging.”

SCANVenger Hunt allows for attendees to use their smartphones to scan QR codes that are linked to the platform. When they answer the questions correctly they earn points for prizes. “It allowed for people to interact more and chat more in a casual type of setting instead selling… it led to a more informal conversation which is always good because it helps people get to know each other better,” said Jo-El Lacy, conference attendee.

For the exhibitors the platform provides engagement through questions from the attendees who are playing as well as lead retrieval of all the players who scanned their code. It also gives you real-time analytics and the number of people who answered the question correctly.

Included in the SCANVenger Hunt game elements during the CMP Conclave were 20”x30” SCANVenger Hunt posters, 8.5”x11” SCANVenger Hunt table signs and an 8’x10’ Game Wall with 30 QR codes on it.

The Game Wall seemed to be the ice-breaker area for all of the attendees. As they scanned to climb the leaderboard, which was placed right above the Game Wall, the attendees made conversation and helped one another with answers. The Game Wall was made up of questions about Spokane and the key sponsors.“ The SCANVenger Hunt Game Wall is very affective in terms of interactive impressions and concentrated dwell time,” Stated Sean Fields, Director of Business Development for SCANVenger Hunt. “It provides a deeper connection through game questions that incorporate product videos which have to be viewed in order to get the correct answer,” he continued.

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