Rosetta Stone Drives Exhibitor Engagement with SCANTrivia

 Participating exhibitors of the SCANTrivia platform during the Ohio Educational Technology Conference experienced increased dwell-time and engagement from the attendees. As each attendee scanned the exhibitor QR code they were asked a question about their product or service. This prompted each attendee to engage with the exhibitor in order to get the question correct and earn points.

Video Transcription
(Rosetta Stone Exhibitor)

My question was in the US what percentage of the people are bilingual? Actually it’s working really well because what it does is it gets clients or prospects to a booth they may not come over to especially if you’re not in a prime location at the conference center. It’s a nice way for them to ask you a question and it prompts you to talk about your product.

"It prompts you to talk about your product"

Vendor: Rosetta Stone
Event: 2017 Ohio Educational Technology Conference