Edcite Educates Attendees with the SCANTrivia Event Gamification Platform during Technology Conference

 Participating exhibitors of the SCANTrivia platform during the Ohio Educational Technology Conference experienced increased dwell-time and engagement from the attendees. As each attendee scanned the exhibitor QR code they were asked a question about their product or service. This prompted each attendee to engage with the exhibitor in order to get the question correct and earn points.

Video Transcription
(Edcite Exhibitor)

We used a question about what our product does and we basically picked the thing we find is our core value in Ohio which is that we provide online assessment that promotes authentic learning for students and gives teachers feedback. So it was a pretty easy question but it started a lot of conversation with people who came by our booth because a lot of teachers are looking for practices and something that helps their students learn.

We thought it was a good conversation starter it also drew a lot of people trying to get to every booth that we might not have talked to otherwise so it was great.

About Edcite
Edcite enables teachers to create high-quality, easily customizable, interactive content to fit their class. Our mission is to improve teacher efficacy and student learning through an engaging digital experience.



"it started a lot of conversation with people"
Vendor: Edcite
Event: 2017 Ohio Educational Technology Conference