Extreme Networks says SCANTrivia was a Great Ice-Breaker

 Participating exhibitors of the SCANTrivia platform during the Ohio Educational Technology Conference experienced increased dwell-time and engagement from the attendees. As each attendee scanned the exhibitor QR code they were asked a question about their product or service. This prompted each attendee to engage with the exhibitor in order to get the question correct and earn points.

Video Transcription
(Extreme Networks Exhibitor)

I'm Andrea Smith from Extreme Networks and I run the marketing here. We participated in the SCANTrivia - It's really fun. We used it as an opportunity as a networking company to leverage our NFL relationship and create a fun question. Our question was we provide the wireless for what league and what big event. And the answer was NFL Superbowl because was provided the wireless for the recent Superbowl so we have a lot of cool stats. It's been great ice-breaker opening up conversations. We also left a hint in our booth because we work with the Hall of Fame so if they come up because they can't figure out what the answer is... it's pretty much right there for them.


"It's been a great ice-breaker to help open conversations"
Vendor: Extreme Networks
Event: 2017 Ohio Educational Technology Conference