Microsoft Boasts about SCANTrivia Engagement Results during Technology Conference

 Participating exhibitors of the SCANTrivia platform during the Ohio Educational Technology Conference experienced increased dwell-time and engagement from the attendees. As each attendee scanned the exhibitor QR code they were asked a question about their product or service. Several exhibitors, including Microsoft, had 2 SCANTrivia signs in their booth which encouraged the attendee to explore several products in order to get the correct answer.

Video Transcription
(Microsoft Exhibitor)

We had 2 questions we were asking the folks as they came by the booth. The first question was actually dealing with our Microsoft Educator Community which actually prompted a lot of engagement especially from the teachers that came by. The second question actually dealt with the devices that are on the table. So when they would come by and they would ask the question, we would walk them around the table and have them guess which device actually fit within that category. So the engagement was super, super high and we are really thankful for you guys in being able to put that question out there for us.

"the engagement was super, super high"
Vendor: Microsoft
Event: 2017 Ohio Educational Technology Conference