We held a multi-destination team building SCANVenger Hunt for a private oil company in the French Quarters of New Orleans. The course was set up to educated the attendees about the company’s technology.

The attendees were divided into eight teams of fifteen with each group named by a color. During the first day the objective for the teams were to answer as many questions as possible correctly by scanning the SCANVenger Hunt Game Wall. On  the following days codes could be found on T-shirts, posters, mini stands and window clings throughout the French Quarters.
Each team started at one of the eight locations where they learned more about their technologies by watching a presentation. The locations included; Roosevelt Hotel, Omni Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Bienville House and the Louisiana State Museum.

Once the teams finished watching the presentation they scanned the codes at that location to gain more points. All of the questions at the locations were related to key points giving during the presentation. This made the players pay close attention during the presentations so that they would get them correct.

It was a tight race to the finish with teams Orange, Black and Gold leading the way. The point differentiator was the team who answered the most points correctly on the SCANVenger Hunt Game Wall which happened to be team Gold. They edged the runner up team by only 30 points and managed to win the game.