IAVM Uses SCANVenger Hunt Platform to Drive Trade Show Engagement at the New Orleans Convention Center


This year’s International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) Conference was held in New Orleans, LA, and a new component was added to the  conference:  the SCANVenger Hunt platform.  Kelly McDowell with the IAVM wanted to add the platform after seeing it played at another venue. “We saw the great interaction SCANVenger Hunt provided at a prior show, and wanted to bring it to IAVM with the idea of adding value for both the attendee and the exhibitor experience.  The SCANVenger Hunt platform has helped us keep the excitement up with the attendees as well as the exhibitors.”

The Freeman Company is no stranger to the SCANVenger Hunt platform as they have used it  at several events including, TSAE’s New Ideas conference, The Southwest Showcase as well as the IAVM Venue Connect. Melinda Kendall, VP of Business Solutions at Freeman, states that the best hunts should require this kind of engagement. Freeman’s question did prompt valuable engagement  according to Steve Hagstette, Director of Sales. ” It was a natural way to start a conversation,” Steve said. “It does help engage the customer and I recommend it,” He continued.

Excitement was prevalent, with many attendees getting to Overachiever status (the second tier) by the end of day one. “I had received the communication on SCANVenger Hunt prior to arriving at the show, and since I had not done a game like this, I decided to give it a try, and it has been great,” said attendee Angel Mitchell.  “It has been interesting to not only interact with the exhibitors, but it also brought some great interactions among the attendees playing.  That was part of the fun.”

Gina Tartaglia with Visiontron Corporation had a similar observation. “We used the SCANVenger Hunt platform to help bring traffic to our booth, and we saw some great engagement as a result.  What I also noticed is the attendees were really getting into the game, and making sure to not only scan our sign, but to talk to us about the question to make sure they got the question right.  That gave us the opening to talk about our products to them, which is exactly what we wanted.”

Sissy Lawty from Travel Portland noticed that while these attendees were already engaged and didn’t need extra help to start an interaction, there were many first time IAVM attendees that stopped by her booth as a result of the SCANVenger Hunt platform. “I am not sure how ‘playful’ this crowd was with the game, but I would certainly use the platform as an exhibitor if offered again.”

The SCANVenger Hunt and SCANTrivia platforms provide engagement through gamification, Interactive Attendee Badges, and lead retrieval. Whether you have a conference, trade show or destination driven event our high-tech QR code scavenger hunts, lead retrieval and game components can provide quantifiable value.