Conference and Trade Show Sponsors Increase Brand
Impressions with Interactive Game Wall (IGW)

The Interactive Game Wall (IGW) always seems to be the big hit at every conference or trade show for driving sponsor engagement and attendee interaction. The 8’x’10’ wall has 30 QR codes that link to questions about the sponsor’s product or service which extend the value well beyond the traditional static logo placement. When players answer the question correctly, the following page is embedded with a link that allows the user the opportunity to learn even more about the brand by visiting the sponsor’s web site.

Sponsors are pleased because the IGW provides a deeper level of engagement versus having their logo placed on bags with other brands or buried in program booklets. The sponsor is allowed to place a 65″ banner across the top of the IGW which is generally located in a high-traffic area near registration for the duration of the conference. This gives the sponsor “walk by impressions” as well as the IGW engagement.

The IGW not only allows for the registered players to learn more through game trivia but it also provides a hyper- concentrated dwell time of about 13.5 minutes per users. When this gamification element is added to the SCANVenger Hunt at your event it becomes the perfect solution for sponsors to gain  maximum exposure.

Initial Engagement
1. Attendees are encouraged through email to preregister to play SCANVenger Hunt prior to the event. Each participating attendee will scan a bonus code that prompts them to register and answer a question about the sponsor to earn their first 25 points. This initial engagement educates the attendee about the game and makes them aware to look for the IGW once they arrive at the event.

Hyper-Concentrated Impressions
2. Since the attendees are educated prior to the event they’ll recognize the IGW near the registration table and begin earning points immediately. Each time a player scans a code that resolves to a question about the sponsor’s product or service they become more familiar with the brand. This has a much stronger impact than soft-brand impressions through static logo placement.

Dwell Time
3. The sponsor branded leaderboard is placed next to the IGW so that the players can see in real-time how they fair against other competitors. The variable reward of earning points while competing directly with other players and colleagues push dwell times beyond 15 minutes per user during many events.

Many Fortune 500 companies as well as up-and-coming entities have all increased product knowledge and brand awareness through the Interactive Game Wall. In fact, The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center not only increased awareness about their new hospital but they were able to incorporate a video that highlighted their new facility. Players were prompted to watch certain sections of the promotional video in order to answer the questions.

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