Johnson & Wales University, one of the nations top hospitality management colleges, uses the SCANVenger Hunt Platform to educate their future event planners on gamification

On Monday April 29, 2013; Subject Matter Experts Joseph Pabon and Emily Lopez executed a SCANVenger Hunt for the HOSP 2011 Meeting 6 Team Building Meeting. The SCANVenger Hunt consisted of four challenges in which classmates and Professor
Howarth were encouraged to participate in. In all, 21 classmates including Professor Howarth participated in the SCANVenger Hunt, which required everyone who participated to use their smartphones and scan QR Codes that would reveal a question. To get started participants had to download a free application on their smartphones. The recommended application for this exercise was called i-nigma.

Each time a participant answered a question pertaining to team building, the participant received points that would be added up. The participant with the most points would receive a prize.

Participants had to go to four locations around the general area of the Xavier Academic Building. The four locations included Schneider Auditorium, Student Academic Services, the Downcity Starbucks location and Experiential Education & Career Services. The following were the questions that were asked for each location including the total answered, total answered correct and percentage answered correctly.

Schneider Auditorium: Public speaking is a necessity for a strong team?
Total Answered: 5
Total Answered Correctly: 5
Percentage Answered Correctly: 100%

SAS- Student Academic Services: Teams do not always agree on the same idea, which requires the team to compromise.
Total Answered: 5
Total Answered Correctly: 5
Percentage Answered Correctly: 100%

Starbucks: What is important amongst employees on a team?
Total Answered: 5
Total Answered Correctly: 5
Percentage Answered Correctly: 100%

Experiential Education & Career Services: Why is it important to establish team values and goals in a team?
Total Answered: 6
Total Answered Correctly: 4 Percentage Answered Correctly: 67%

As it pertains to the strengths and weaknesses of the meeting, we would have to agree that this meeting was definitely innovative in the way that the way that it was presented. The SCANVenger Hunt gamification platform allowed the participants to teach themselves in a fun and interactive way. A strength of the meeting for sure was the positive reaction of the participants being able to go outside during the meeting. It was well received and it was nice to receive positive feedback afterwards. As it pertains to the job that the Meetings Planners and Convention Services team, we as the Subject Meeting Planners agree that both teams did a great job.

One strength that the Meeting Planners Lih, Zachary and Jacob did was staying on task and making sure that all paperwork was properly signed and distributed to both the Subject Matter Experts and Convention Services. Also, they did a great job introducing us as the Subject Matter Experts during the meeting. They were very personable and a nice group to work with. One weakness that I feel as though they needed was a little bit of communication with the class during the meeting start. They wanted to make sure that the Subject Matter Experts were ready to be introduced and head out for the SCANVenger hunt. However, the participants were waiting a little while to get started. One improvement that I would have suggested for the Meeting Planners was to have a registration sign in sheet and as the participants walked in they would give them directions on what was about to take place.

Pertaining to Convention Services, Lafayette and Lilly did a great job helping to place the SCANVenger stickers in the appropriate locations. Their personalities and willingness to help out in any way that they could was definitely a strength. There weren’t any weaknesses on behalf of Convention Services. They did their job and they did it efficiently. One problem that we as Subject Meeting Experts was that as we collected the SCANVenger stickers we were missing one that was either taken down or fell off. One suggestion for improvement would be to make sure that we place the stickers as securely as possible so that they don’t fall off.

Overall, the SCANVenger Hunt was a success and the team building exercise was definitely something that I would try as a Subject Meeting Expert/ Meeting Planner in the future due to the fact that it was very interactive, engaging, and fun for the participants/clients. It is a change-up from having to sit in a meeting for a long period of time and it keeps you on your feet hopefully energized and informed for future sessions and meetings.


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