Welcome to SCANTrivia!

This year during 2017 MCUL Lending and Marketing conference you will have an opportunity to play SCANTrivia for prizes.

What is SCANTrivia you ask?  SCANTrivia is an interactive game that can be played during the conference with your smartphone.  Once you are registered, you will simply look for the special QR codes scattered throughout the Lending and Marketing conference and scan them with your device to unlock trivia questions related to the conference or vendor.  Each correct answer scores points that increase your chances to win a prize!

How to Play SCANTrivia

Playing SCANTrivia is fun and easy! First you have to download the SCANTrivia app from iTunes or Google Play.
(If you have an iPad search under the iPhone link).



Once you have the app, simply scan the code on this page and enter the email address you used to register for the conference. You can begin earning early points as soon as your phone has been activated by scanning the code on this page up to 8 times.

How to Earn Points
You can earn points by scanning the QR codes and answering the questions correctly. If you answer the question wrong you cannot go back. The SCANTrivia question point values vary from one sign to the next with the highest values connected to the vendors. Make sure to ask the vendor for a hint before answering the question to increase your odds.

During the MCUL Conference
You can begin scanning and earning points as soon as you arrive at the MCUL conference. Look for the Interactive Game Wall next to the SCANTrivia booth near registration and start there. You can also look for signage randomly placed around the venue.

Additional questions can be answered
by emailing us at: service@scanvengerhunt.biz

Earn points at exhibitor booths

Earn points off the Interactive Game Wall