It’s been 2 long years and we’re excited to finally be back in person as we celebrate the 25th year of OETC!

During the conference you will have several ways to earn points for prizes. You can look for codes around the venue, in the expo hall, on the game wall and on the badges of attendeess that are participating in the ice-breaker activity (2 Truths and a Lie).

How to Get Set Up
Set Up Now and Earn 300 Points

1. Scan the QR code on this page.
2. Enter your information.
3. Follow the prompts until you have successfully published your 2 Truths and a Lie.

Once on site, go to the SCANTrivia booth to pick up and claim your  SCANTrivia INB.

Please be aware that if your badge does not look like the one below, you do not have a SCANTrivia Networking Badge.


Badge Example

See It In Action

How to Earn Points

Interactive Networking Badges (25pts Each)
Scan other attendees and earn points

Interactive Game Wall (IGW)
Earn up to 300 points at the IGW

Exhibitor Signs (100pts each) and Venue Posters (50pts each)
Earn points at each participating exhibitor booth
and posters located around the venue