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HMH Reinforces Content with SCANTrivia

Over the past few years HMH has taken an innovative approach to educating their sales team about products by using the SCANTrivia application as part of their Digital Showcase. SCANTrivia provides gamification that prompts user engagement as they earn points for product knowledge. SCANTrivia was first introduced to the HMH conference in 2015 and it was well received as it produced over 16,000 total interactive impressions during the 3 day event.  Learn more>

OSU’s Multi-Destination SCANVenger Hunt
The Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center used the SCANVenger Hunt platform to educate their event attendees about several destinations they wanted to highlight in Columbus. Gamifying the experience brought fun and excitement to their experience as seen in the video below.

Everyone had an awesome time in 2016 playing SCANTrivia and now it’s time to jump back into the game for the OETC 2017 conference!

This year we are launching a new feature… the Multi-Scan Quantum Code!

To celebrate and introduce this new feature we will be allowing players to start earning points early for their chance to win a prize during the SCANTrivia Kick-Off on February 14th at 11:30 am. All players who reach the Qualifying Player level before February 10th will be eligible for the drawing.

Check out the Leaderboard to see who has already started earning points!



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How to Play SCANTrivia

Playing SCANTrivia is fun and easy! First you have to download a QR code reader. We recommend using the NeoReader Barcode Scanner which can be found free in your app store.

Search for NeoReader in your app store or if you are own your phone simply tap the appropriate link for your phone type.


Once you have the reader, simply scan the code on this page and enter the email address you used to register for the conference. You can begin earning points as soon as your phone has been activated and ready to go.

How to Earn Points
You can earn points by scanning the QR codes and answering the questions correctly. If you answer the question wrong you cannot go back. The SCANTrivia question point values vary from one sign to the next with the highest values connected to the vendors. Make sure to ask the vendor for a hint before answering the question to increase your odds.

During the OETC Conference
You can begin scanning and earning points as soon as you arrive at the OETC conference. Look for the Interactive Game Wall next to the SCANTrivia booth near registration and start there. You can also look for signage randomly placed around the venue.

Additional questions can be answered
by emailing us at:

2016 SCANTrivia Selfies

Earn points at exhibitor booths

Earn points off the Interactive Game Wall

Gamify Education with
The SCANTrivia Platform

Get your students excited about learning by incorporating today’s technology into your classroom or school! Customize SCANTrivia challenges for any subject and allow your students to engage with knowledgeable content using their smartphones. Whether you kick-off a school-wide SCANTrivia challenge or compete within or against other classes, your students will enjoy earning points as they climb the leaderboard for prizes. The coolest part about it is that they’ll be learning and retaining information as they play!

Find out more by stopping at our booth during the OETC conference or you can give us a call today to find out how SCANTrivia can be used at your school:1-800-975-5161 Ext:703