Pandora launches Gamification during Live Concert

Feb 4, 2019

SCANVenger’s Event Gamification Platform, SCANTrivia, Provided Hyper-concentrated Interaction for Key Sponsors.

When the challenge arose for how to drive traffic to supporting sponsors during live concerts Panodora’s experiential marketing department looked to SCANVenger for their expertise. With over 10 years of helping event planners and marketing teams with user behavior, SCANVenger was able to determine the best gamification strategy for their desired outcome.

Although Pandora is one of the best companies to immerse their audience in experiential content, the question of sponsor interaction had not been answered. With major brands on board such as: Tostitos, Crown Royal, Cricket Wireless, NAPA and Brita to name a few, Pandora was anxious to make sure they received the interaction with the attendees that they expected.

The answer was SCANTrivia. A gamifcation platform used by many corporate entities to drive interaction between their brands and target audiences. Whether their needs are attendee-to-sponsor, attendee-to-exhibitor or attendee-to-attendee engagement, SCANTrivia gamification offers a unique approach that works.

Considering that a great deal of Pandora’s live concert attendees are primarily tech-savvy Millennials, using gamification to drive traffic was the right choice to appeal to this group. Each users had an opportunity to have a personal experience with each brand which highlighted the quality that differentiated them from their competitors.

 If your company is looking for solutions that drive more sponsor engagement schedule a demo to learn more about SCANTrivia.