Parker Seminars Sticks with SCANVenger Hunt for Flagship Event

Organizers say the SCANVenger Hunt platform has helped increase excitement and attendee engagement for their events

Thousands of practicing chiropractors, speakers, coaches and exhibitors from around the world will gather in Las Vegas this month to experience Parker Seminars, the world’s largest chiropractic seminar, and for the second time in four months, attendees and exhibitors will get to experience SCANVenger Hunt as a part of the event.

“We needed something new and innovative,” said Tierra Henderson, Director of Seminars.  “People didn’t think they were getting enough from the seminar.  We weren’t doing enough to engage the attendees and really partner with our exhibitors.” Organizers turned to SCANVenger Hunt and its interactive platform during Parker Seminars New York in October to help address those issues, and they said they were thrilled with SCANVenger Hunt’s success.

“I think in comparison with traditional lead retrieval options, it’s interactive,” Henderson said. “It’s not just taking a chance on an attendee going to an exhibitor booth. It hands down drives them to the exhibitors and creates action steps for us.”

Parker Seminars incorporated the SCANVenger Hunt gamification platform into its October event by encouraging exhibitors to post QR codes at their booths that an attendee could then scan with their smartphone.  The code would then reveal a question the exhibitor formulated about their product or service that often initiated a dialogue between the attendee and the exhibitor.  Each correct answer also allowed attendees to earn points toward prizes.

“It was definitely a good icebreaker because they would just want to ask us questions about the products beyond what we had in the QR code,” one exhibitor said in October.  “It opened the door and we were able to talk to them more and more.”

Attendees also raved about the SCANVenger Hunt. “Overall, the attendees loved the SCANVenger Hunt.  They think it’s a great idea,” Henderson said.

Information gathered during the SCANVenger Hunt also provided a lead retrieval component so exhibitors could follow-up with attendees after the event.  Henderson said she plans to use information gathered from the SCANVenger Hunt in January to continue to enhance the Parker Seminars experience for attendees.

“I want to know what they enjoyed, what sessions they attended and what they took from those sessions, that way I can have that type of data to share with my executives and exhibitors,” Henderson said.

Henderson said adding the SCANVenger Hunt to their events has helped revamp Parker Seminars’ image. “The buzz is that Parker Seminars is creative and innovative,” she said.  “Hands down they (the exhibitors) were very excited.  They haven’t stopped talking about it and they’ve shared it with other exhibitors who were skeptical of Parker Seminars.”

There are 2500 attendees and 212 exhibiting companies with 1000 exhibitors expected at Parker Seminars Las Vegas.

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