The first custom QR code scavenger hunt produces above expectation results for PepsiCo mega brands during summer trade shows.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

When PepsiCo kicked off its 2012 convention tour to promote their mega brands they first sought out solutions to increase product engagement. The SCANVenger Hunt™ platform, a web based mobile educational game tool, met the needs of PepsiCo and was selected for the job.

The SCANVenger Hunt™ platform is the new way to increase product knowledge, location awareness and create team building exercises. PepsiCo is currently using it to educate booth visitors about their mega brands which include; Pepsi, Quaker Oats, Lays, Gatorade and Tropicana.

The SCANVenger Hunt™ creates a unique experience by allowing the user to access questions via their Smartphones after scanning a custom QR code. The custom QR codes could be found on pop up banners, table stands even on pillows within the PepsiCo booth. Once the participants found the custom QR codes they scanned them to earn points. The players earned points for each question they answered correctly and were entered into a drawing for prizes at the end of the day. All of the data was aggregated on the SCANVenger Hunt™ platform where reports were available on their desktop or mobile phone.

“The platform has proven to increase the amount of time each participant spent in the PepsiCo booth,” said Shawntay Fields, Project Director of SCANVenger Hunt. “Our reports show that each participant stayed in the booth an average of 8 minutes once they began scanning. This proves that the power of game interaction through videos, images or questions is an effective way to increase product knowledge and dwell time,” she continued.

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About SCANVenger Hunt Llc:

The SCANVenger Hunt and SCANTrivia platforms provide engagement through gamification, Interactive Attendee Badges, and lead retrieval. Whether you have a conference, trade show or destination driven event our high-tech QR code scavenger hunts, lead retrieval and game components can provide quantifiable value.


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