San Jose’ State University Hosts SCANVenger Hunt to Educated Students about  Hospitality.


San Jose, CA, Oct. 25, 2013—The Northern California Hospitality Fair was held by San Jose State University (SJSU) at Fairmont San Jose.The purpose of this event was to bring together high school students and aspiring young professionals from across Northern California and introduce to them the career opportunities in hospitality industry. About 200 high school students and 50 hospitality industry professionals attended the event. The event was supported by the California State University Hospitality Management Education Initiative, California Restaurant Association, Fairmont San Jose, and other industry sponsors.

This year The SCANVenger Hunt gamification platform was among one of the sponsors, and applied to provide gamification to enhance attendees engagement with the exhibitors. The Hospitality Finance & Technological Professionals (HFTP) student chapter at SJSU was in charge of operating the Scan-Play-Win game on site. The ScanVenger Hunt posters were posted all around the venue, and the attendees had to locate each poster and answer questions within a limited time. Sixteen interesting questions were designed to test the knowledge of the attendee about hospitality industry. For example, the question asks “How many ways are there to cook an egg?” Would you like to guess the answer? There are over 100 ways….

SJSU Hospitality Professor, Dr. Yinghua Huang stated, “SCANVenger Hunt  was extremely beneficial to the event attendees and our students. The game triggered the attendees’ curiosity and became the icebreaker to induce the dialogue among participants. The students had a lot of fun to figure out interesting questions, and they were motivated to interact more with exhibitors and event hosts.”

The winners received prizes from the event organizer. The SJSU student volunteers showed the attendees how to play the game throughout the whole event. Although some attendees were not initially familiar with the game, they became very enthusiastic about it after the SJSU student volunteers explained the game. The SJSU student volunteers did a great job by orchestrating the QR code signage, and assisting other booths of hospitality programs.

The game was really fun to high school students. Participants were very excited to search for the QR codes and tried answer each question correctly. Two high school students won the game and received prizes at the end. One winner commented that “I think the event planners should get the prizes, not me. Because they worked so hard to give us such a great experience, I really appreciate them.”


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