SCANVenger Hunt – Changing the Game!

How you bring your venue gamification into the digital realm

The introduction of a gaming element like SCANVenger Hunt into your venue is a great way to have fun and provide interactions between the attendee and the exhibitor.  But if you are still using a stamp or punch card or using paper-based scavenger hunts, it may be time to move to the digital age because the game has changed.

SCANVenger Hunt is a web-based mobile gamification platform used for conferences, trade shows and destinations. It replaces the traditional stamp card for trade shows and adds an innovative high-tech way to increase interaction between attendees and exhibitors. Users access the SCANVenger Hunt pages by scanning QR codes linked to the game platform where all activity is aggregated in real-time for reporting.

When integrated through a conference, it adds value by reinforcing workshop materials as players scan the game QR codes and answer questions to earn points. Attendees who participate in the SCANVenger Hunt during events often retain presented content consistently better than those who did not play.

The SCANVenger Hunt platform can be used for destinations by providing a creative way for tourist to experience a city. Great for dine-arounds and pub runs, the SCANVenger Hunt platform has won national awards for its unique ability to drive foot-traffic through the use of redeemable electronic coupons and interactive game-play.

While the SCANVenger Hunt platform has several key components the three core benefits are engagement, aggregation and return on investment (ROI):

Interaction through Gamification –The first area that can be enhanced is the engagement between attendee and exhibitor. When using the SCANVenger Hunt platform, the attendee needs to engage with the exhibitor for answers, and the dwell time in the booth is increased. This engagement is also enhanced since the questions can be tailored to structure the interaction and showcase the information the exhibitor wants to convey.What’s more, the show manager has an opportunity to reinforce the conference messaging and content by using the SCANVenger Hunt platform.

Lead Retrieval and Activity Reports –This is another great feature of the SCANVenger Hunt gamification platform.  The platform not only captures profile information about each attendee but it also tracks scan activity for those who actually visited the exhibitor’s booth. Knowledge of the product or service can be assessed based on how well the attendee answered each question. All of the data is aggregated in real-time on the platform and organized into a report for download.

With the SCANVenger Hunt platform, over 20 performance indicators are tracked, including total activity time, engagement, dwell time, and click through. This is a good indicator of not just how the attendee ‘traveled’ through the platform, but how long the attendee stayed at each location to answer the question, and interacted with the exhibitor. It also tracks repeated visits to the exhibitor’s booth, another great indication of quality of the engagement.

Sponsorship Real Estate and Reseller Opportunities – The SCANVenger Hunt platform opens opportunity for show managers to see, and measure, their ROI. Since SCANVenger Hunt increases sponsor visibility and creates reseller opportunities, the event planner or show manager can off-set event costs.

By eliminating the ‘punch card’ and using innovative digital gamification tactics, you not only provide a great tool for your venue, you also have the ability to structure, track and measure the game element to make the most of the SCANVenger Hunt platform . And by collecting data rich information about your gaming participants (both attendees and exhibitors), you are adding a powerful tool to your venue arsenal with the SCANVenger Hunt platform.