SCANVenger Hunt Continues to Transform Conference
and Trade Show Experience

The interactive technology increases attendee engagement and allows exhibitors to track leads and participation

Event planners and organizations across the country are taking notice of an innovative, fun and high-tech way to add value to their events: the SCANVenger Hunt platform.  A number of organizations, including Hospitality, Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), VHA, Parker Seminars, the Convention Industry Council, the International Association of Venue Managers and the Southwest Veterinary Symposium, included the SCANVenger Hunt as a part of their conferences and trade shows with the same results: increased attendee engagement, a cost-effective way to track leads and attendee participation and, ultimately, satisfied sponsors, exhibitors and attendees.

The SCANVenger Hunt platform is easy to use because participants only need a smartphone and a QR code.  People who take part in the SCANVenger Hunt use their phones to scan QR codes that have been placed in various locations inside the event venue or QR codes that have been placed at an exhibitor’s booth.  The codes reveal questions the attendee can answer to earn points for prizes.

This year conference organizers used the SCANVenger Hunt gamification platform as a way to not only reinforce conference materials, but to also encourage attendees to interact with each other.

“We incorporated the SCANVenger Hunt for a variety of reasons. One, we wanted fun. We are in Las Vegas so it’s all about gaming and fun,” said Melissa Wurm, Senior Director of Clinical Improvement Services at VHA. “The other key was, how can we engage the members throughout the sessions? By asking them questions about VHA, what we do and the content we were bringing into each of the sessions.”

At many events, the SCANVenger Hunt also provided a perfect opportunity for attendees and exhibitors to interact.

“Several of our sponsors are participating and have a question at their booth,” said Jennifer Lee, Marketing Director with HFTP. “It’s a great opportunity to drive traffic to their booth as well. In fact, we have exhibitors that haven’t participated this year that are already asking us about participating next year, so it’ been a very positive experience.”

The SCANVenger Hunt platform also provides a lead retrieval component for exhibitors, which allowed them to follow up with attendees after the event.  The platform also generates reports on the amount of activity during the SCANVenger Hunt for clients, which allowed them to track attendee participation.

“To have some measurable results that you could share with your sponsors and exhibitors of the value of that interaction and actually how many people visited them, I think it’s really a great value added and it’s fun,” said Karen Kotowski, CEO of the Convention Industry Council.

An exhibitor at Parker Seminars agreed.

“It was definitely a good icebreaker because they would want to ask us questions about the products beyond what we had in the QR code, so it opened that door and we were able to talk more and more.”


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