SCANVenger Hunt

SCANVenger Hunt is a platform that provides interactive foot traffic to locations at trade shows, conferences and destinations through gamification. It also produces a deeper attendee-to- exhibitor engagement experience that replaces traditional solutions with innovative game mechanics.

Event sponsors and corporate course participants use the SCANVenger Hunt platform as a lead retrieval system as well as to increase brand touch points and location dwell time.  Since all of the game activity is aggregated on the platform, data can be mined and downloaded by the participants and host.


SCANVenger Hunt Features and Benefits

  1. Drives and directs foot traffic
  2. Eliminates the traditional punch, stamp and bingo cards
  3. Tracks and creates reports on activity
  4. Provides interactive brand impressions
  5. Increases sponsor and advertisement real estate
  6. Educates through game activity
  7. Flexible platform for easy integration
  8. Encourages team building through game mechanics
  9. Serves as a great event icebreaker
  10. Educates attendees, clients or visitors in a fun and exciting way


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