We hope you are all getting excited for our 2019 Staff Retreat in Las Vegas!

Since we have so many new additions to our staff, we decided to have a little fun making sure everyone meets each other. We have partnered with SCANVenger Hunt which provides a networking platform that creates opportunity for engagement throughout the event.

For this to work, there is some pre-event set up that requires your attention.

Your name badge will have a QR-code on it that can be scanned to for a fun game. When scanned, three statements will pop up on the user’s phone (Two truths and a lie), which all attendees submitted on the event registration form. Points are earned when players identify which statement is not true. Please prepare in advance by following the steps below.

There will be prizes!



How to Get Set Up

- Download the SCANTrivia app by going to "SCANTrivia.net" while on your phone.
- Tap the "Dashboard" button.
- Enter the email address used for the conference and then follow the prompts.

Once you arrive at the conference you will receive your badge with QR code activated and ready go!