Play SCANTrivia during TAFE for your chance to win prizes.

How to Play SCANTrivia
SCANTrivia is played by scanning QR codes at various locations to access trivia questions for your chance to earn points for prizes. During TAFE you can find SCANTrivia codes at the following locations:

  1. Participating exhibitor booths (28 Participating Exhibitors)
  2. During workshop presentations (20 questions)
  3. Interactive Game Wall (30 questions)
  4. Around the venue (5 signs)

Playing SCANTrivia is fun and easy! First you have to download a QR code reader. We recommend using the our SCANTrivia Scanner which can by downloading at:

Once you have the reader, simply scan the code on this page and follow the prompts to register. You can begin earning early points by scanning the code on this page. This code can be scanned 5 times to access new questions. Each question is worth 10 points.

Best Strategy for Winning!
The best strategy is to answer as many questions as possible on the Interactive Game Wall prior to the opening of the expo hall. Once the hall is open, visit all the participating¬† exhibitors, scan their code and ask for a hint before you submit your answer. The exhibitor may ask you to guess but if you’re lucky they will help you out. The exhibitor questions have the highest value so it’s best to try to get those points first.

Also look for SCANTrivia QR codes during presentations and throughout the venue.

Additional questions can be answered
by emailing us at:


Interactive Game Wall
The IGW has 30 QR codes each with unique trivia questions. The IGW is usually placed near registration and stays up for the duration of the event.

Exhibitor Signs
Look for 8.5×11 signs at participating exhibitor booths

Venue Posters
Look for 20×30 SCANTrivia posters around the venue