Your Conference is Virtual but Now You Need Exhibitor Engagement

Fellow Event Planners and Industry Leaders… It’s Been a Tough Year!
Wouldn’t You Agree?
2020 has brought us many unforeseen challenges that have caused us to pause and pivot in directions we couldn’t have ever imagined!
Due to this, as you already know, it has driven the majority of the industry to consider using a virtual platform for their events. And although you may have found the perfect virtual platform a few question still remain.
Questions Like:
1. “How do I incentivize attendee traffic to the virtual pages of my exhibitors, sponsors and workshops?”
2. “How do I ensure attendee dwell-time once they land on the page?”
3. “How do I sell the value of a virtual environment and convince my exhibitors that attendees will interact with their videos and collateral material?”
Well, that’s where we come in, SCANVenger!
We have been serving the meetings and conventions industry for over 15 years by providing innovative solutions for prompting engagement between exhibitors and attendees.
In fact, the virtual conferences that have used our SCANTrivia gamification platform this year had an average dwell-time and engagement rate of over 3.5 minutes per exhibitor with majority participants over 7 minutes.
The exhibitors loved it! The attendees had fun! And the event planners are looking forward to doing it again!
Give us a call or schedule a demo to find out why event planners are so excited about using SCANTrivia for their virtual events.
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