Believe it or not, the year is coming to an end and it is time to put the final touches on the year end, and holiday parties.  The typical setting for these types of gatherings include the usual music, food, drinks…maybe some dancing.  The purpose of the year end events are not only to share in the success of the company, but also to provide a way for the employees to get to know each other outside of the office.  With employee retention being a concern, especially for skilled workers, companies are constantly looking for ways to retain good employees by offering competitive salaries, offering professional development opportunities, and recognizing their employees’ achievements.

These are all great, but what about event engagement with the employees on a deeper level?

You may have heard that the SCANVenger Hunt Platform has a proven formula for engaging attendees at events, but what you may not know is that it works great for prompting employee Engagement.  If you are planning your year end or holiday events for 2016, the SCANVenger Platform is the perfect solution for turning your typical event or holiday party into an engaging and interactive meeting.  This will help to foster relationships on a deeper level all while taking this employee engagement as an opportunity to align them with the organization’s goals and objectives.

There is still time to include the SCANVenger Hunt Platform in your year end events for 2016.  Contact us at 1.800.975.5161 to speak with one of our representatives.  They will be happy to speak with you and provide an effective way to include the SCANVenger Hunt Platform to increase employee engagement at your event.

The SCANVenger Hunt and SCANTrivia platforms provide engagement through gamification, Interactive Attendee Badges, and lead retrieval. Whether you have a conference, trade show or destination driven event our high-tech QR code scavenger hunts, lead retrieval and game components can provide quantifiable value.

Contact us to discuss how we can make gamification work for you!