Recently I was at a conference and one of our SCANVenger Hunt players made a comment that our Xtreme Competitors must be “Type A” people. I’m assuming they said this because they encountered one during the game that must have been pretty focused on winning. So it made me think, hmmm, are there similar personality traits that can be found in our top level players A.K.A. Xtreme Competitors and if so what are those traits? Well first for those who aren’t aware of the game levels let me go into detail.

The SCANVenger Hunt has 3 main categories that players can fall into. The Qualifying Player – The Over Achiever and the top level Xtreme Competitor. The Xtreme competitor title means you have gone above and beyond what was required in order for you to be entered into the top prize category. Once a player reaches this level they are not only eligible for the drawing but they also receive the SCANVenger Hunt Xtreme Competitor T-shirt. I know it doesn’t sound like much but you’d be surprised by how much they are in demand and here’s why.

The Xtreme Competitor T- shirt symbolizes the tenacity and competitive intelligence that a player/executive embodies when engaged in a challenging environment. Although many would try to define SCANVenger Hunt Xtreme Competitors as “Type A” personalty individuals, we do not. Ok, so we’ve seen a few people get knocked around a bit by these Xtreme Competitors but they surely are not those people described as Type A, e.g., Free-floating hostility, aggressive, always painfully aware of the time with little to spare. These are certainly not the characteristics of our Xtreme Competitor players.

Our Xtreme Competitors just want to be the first person in the game to get every question correct without consulting a colleague or any external resources such a Google. They’re the silent QR code snipers that lurk in the hotel lobbies and hallways looking for QR codes to shoot with their Smartphones while everyone else is asleep getting rested for the morning session. They prefer to work alone while sacrificing their time at the bar with friends to leap to the next level on the leaderboard. Every SCANVenger Hunt game day is a special opps mission that must be planned out carefully and executed without any flaws.

So I would say Type A is an understatement. SCANVenger Hunt Xtreme Competitors are in a class of their own and their innate characteristics are being unlocked and nurtured one SCANVenger Hunt game at a time. Look out Qualifying Players.