No matter where we turn it seems that we’re reading or hearing about gamification more and more: it’s used by employers to increase employee engagement, it’s used by businesses to enhance and tailor their customer’s experience, gamification is used in the classroom as a teaching tool, and there are even college courses dedicated to the science of gamification and how to continue to improve it.


We know you understand HOW gamification works, but it’s not always explained WHY it works, so we wanted to break down three key reasons why gamification is a great tool for everyone, from the business person looking to increase customer traffic, to the meeting planner working to get attendees more involved with the event.


1 – It’s entertaining: If it’s not fun or if it’s boring, we can guarantee that people won’t want to be involved. But like its name suggests, “gamification” takes game thinking and game mechanics and applies them to non-game contexts, making them fun and interactive, while also adding an element of friendly competition. Our Interactive Game Wall always seems to be a big hit at every conference or trade show we attend, and participants say it’s because it brings excitement to the event, and it’s a lot of fun. But just being fun isn’t enough to drive results, gamification also works because…


2 – It’s engaging: You can have the most entertaining gamification elements in the world, but if they’re not engaging, you’ll likely end up with a failed gamification project. Successful gamification aims to use the power of intrinsic motivation to encourage participants, whether they are employees or clients, to interact with the program and continue to be involved and engaged with it. We often hear from our clients that our gamification services produced measurable results when it came to participant engagement. Which leads to our next point…


3 – It’s measurable: One of the key features of our gamification services, and a feature any successful gamification platform should have, is the ability to track user activity and create reports on it. Retailers, for example, can use this information to analyze customers and better understand shopping behaviors, which can translate into a better shopping experience for the customer and increased sales for the retailer. Meeting and convention planners can use this information to better engage their participants, and increase interaction with their vendors and exhibitors.


SCANVenger Hunt has gamification solutions that are entertaining, engaging and measurable, and we’d love to talk with you about how we can tailor our gamification services to meet your needs.


The SCANVenger Hunt and SCANTrivia platforms provide engagement through gamification, Interactive Attendee Badges, and lead retrieval. Whether you have a conference, trade show or destination driven event our high-tech QR code scavenger hunts, lead retrieval and game components can provide quantifiable value.