The W&S Tennis Open in Cincinnati, Ohio brings out the big names in professional tennis. Names like Roger Federer, Venus and Serena Williams, Li Na, Novak Djokovic and Angelique Kerber. Fans flock from all over the country to watch some of their favorite athletes compete in one of the largest tournaments in professional tennis.

The W&S Tennis Open also allows vendors to sell their products and services during the event. Vendors like Midwest Sports who serves as one of the world’s largest tennis suppliers provided a full indoor store on the premises. Midwest Sports was definitely the hot spot for fans in between matches because of it’s vast array of tennis paraphernalia. The problem was that the other vendors lacked foot traffic.

Shawn Leibold, Director of Business Development for the W&S Tennis Open, learned about the SCANVenger Hunt through EIM’s VP of National Accounts, April Mescher. April suggested he use the platform to guide attendees to areas of the property with low visitor circulation by attaching prize incentives to a SCANVenger Hunt. This was exciting news for us considering the SCANVenger Hunt works well at any venue whether it’s sports, trade shows or conferences and it also gave us an opportunity to introduce our interactive game wall.

The SCANVenger Hunt Interactive Game Wall connects attendees to products or sponsors through game trivia in multiple choice format. When the registered players scan the codes they earn points for every question that’s answered correct. The SCANVenger Hunt platform keeps track of the points and automatically enters the players into prize categories. One of the cool things about the W&S SCANVenger Hunt was that after the players finished scanning the game board they were prompted to visit the vendors for additional prizes.

This turned out to be a great way to not only increase interactive impression real estate for sponsors but it also encouraged attendees to visit vendors and engage with their products or services.