5 Reasons to Replace your Trade Show Exhibitor Trail Maps and Punch Cards with SCANTrivia Gamification

Jan 13, 2019 | Blog

The SCANTrivia Gamification Platform Offers Event Planners 5 Reasons to Eliminate their Exhibitor Trail Maps and Punch Cards

Trade Show managers and conference event planners are often looking for ways to keep their stakeholders happy during their events. Whether it’s sponsors looking for brand exposure or exhibitors hoping for engagement they’re both depending on the event planner to provide a solution to fulfill their needs.

Traditionally, this has been done for sponsors by placing their logos in high foot-traffic areas of the venue and estimating the number of attendees that will show up at the event to calculate potential “eyeballs”.  Sponsors are offered to place their logos on anything from hotel key cards to the charging stations in the “Genius Lab”.

For exhibitors, booth traffic is usually promised by way of some type of show floor activity such as a punch card, trail map or bingo card. Attendees are asked to take this card to each participating exhibitor and get their card punched or stamped as proof of stopping by their booth.

Although these methods are fine and dandy wouldn’t it be an added bonus if there were a way the sponsor or exhibitor could weigh their investment against measurable interaction to justify ROI? Well there is, it's called SCANTrivia and corporate event planner are now including this opportunity in their sponsor prospectus as added value for their stakeholders.

Below I have listed 5 reasons it’s a great fit for any event planner wanting to provide new solutions for their exhibitors or sponsors.


1. SCANTrivia Provides Hyper-concentrated
Impressions with Measurable Brand Dwell-time

SCANTrivia takes attendees deeper into the sponsor’s and exhibitor’s product or service through gamification that prompts direct interaction with their brand. The platform aggregates all activity, including the engagement time and produces analytics that can be downloaded to measure performance.


2. SCANTrivia Provides True Exhibitor Engagement
With all the many solutions for driving traffic to exhibitor booths, SCANTrivia offers true exhibitor engagement. Whether it’s a trail map card or an in-app check-in scavenger hunt, neither traditional methods prompt the attendee to actually interact with the exhibitor. Event apps that offer gamification by way of check-ins can be done from anywhere without visiting the exhibitor. Trail maps and bingo cards may get the attendee to the booth but their only motivation is to get their card punched or stamped without interacting with the exhibitor. Worse then that is when the attendee grabs a handful of the exhibitor’s cool promotional items while they’re anxiously waiting to have their card stamped so they can hurry to the next participating exhibitor.

SCANTrivia not only drives foot-traffic but it also increases interaction with each visit by prompting attendee-to-exhibitor engagement through true gamification tactics.


3. SCANTrivia Increases Product Knowledge
Although “eye-ball” impressions are impressive (see what I did there?), increasing measurable product knowledge through brand engagement is far more valuable. SCANTrivia provides this value by allowing the attendees to learn more about the sponsor or exhibitor through the activity. 


4. Promotes Fun Synergy Between Attendees and Exhibitors
One of the most important but sometimes overlooked benefits of the SCANTrivia gamification platform is its ability to add high-energy fun to the event. It serves as a great ice-breaker between the exhibitor and attendee making it easier for them to bridge their sales pitch. Considering the attendees are visiting to the exhibitor with expectations of earning points it puts the power in the exhibitor’s hand and opens the channel for dialogue before they give up the answer. This method gives the exhibitor an opportunity to prompt the attendee to either engage with them for the answer, look through materials or even search their booth for clues. The good thing is that no matter which method they choose it will increase dwell-time at their booth giving them a longer time span to introduce their product or service.


5. Helps to Off-set Overall Event Costs and
Eliminates the Need for Lead Retrieval Systems

SCANTrivia helps off-set event costs by allowing the event planner to resell locations. Many planers have not only been able to off-set the cost of the SCANTrivia platform but also have been able to increase their overall revenue. SCANTrivia adds sponsor real estate through the Interactive Name Badges, Leader board, game landing pages and the Interactive Game Wall. It also eliminates the need for traditional lead retrieval systems through its optional lead capture component.


As you can see the SCANTrivia gamification platform offers more than the average when it comes to providing engagement solutions for sponsors and exhibitors. Now it's up to you to take the next step and schedule a demo so that you can experience the value for yourself.

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