Use Gamification to Boost Trade Show Engagement

 There’s no doubt that trade shows are an excellent way to reach out to prospective customers and impress existing ones. Research tells us that trade shows are still one of the top five marketing tools. They’re also one of the cheaper ones.

The trouble with trade shows is that everybody’s doing them. So, how do you stand out from the crowds during a trade show and draw customers in? Event gamification is the key and here’s how to do it.


What is Gamification?

 In simple terms, gamification involves using fun and games in a context where they wouldn’t usually appear. Event gamification means including these competitive elements into your customers’ trade show experience.

America’s been in love with game shows since 1941, so why not incorporate this winning recipe into your trade show exhibit.

There are so many ways to get your customers interacting with you, your representatives, and your brand. These are some of the best ones.


Put your Event Badges to Work

 One of the best event planning tips for engaging your customers is multi-tasking. Event attendees are all going to be wearing event badges on the day. Why not use these as an attractive marketing tool?

Interactive networking badges serve as excellent ice-breakers to get customers talking and interacting. Thanks to smartphone scanning technology, you can use them for a variety of interactive games. Scavenger hunts, lucky draws, and unique brand-related trivia challenges.

Interactive networking badges are a good fit for any kind of game as a means to record scores and rewards.


Trade Show Tips for Winning with Gamification

Another trick with trade shows is figuring out how to reward competitors effectively. After all, almost every booth is handing out free swag on the day.

The key is recognition and reward. People attend trade shows for more than free stuff, they want to learn and network too. You can tick these boxes for those who take part in your games as follows:

  • Place a big-screen leaderboard in a prominent place
  • Make a public shout out about top achievers, either at the event or on social media
  • Give them advantages during play

Everybody wants their fifteen minutes of fame, so play that card.


Delayed Gratification

Apart from instant fame, you can also reward your attendees with a delayed reward. For example, the top scorer in your game could earn a free item or service they can claim at a later stage.

This lures them back to your store or website after the event and reminds them about your awesome products and services.

If you make this prize valid for two people on the day, you can spread the word a little further too. For example, if your winner gets to claim a free breakfast after the trade show, let them bring a friend along.


Stay in the Game

Trade shows are an ever-evolving enigma and competition for customers is fierce. You need to stand out to succeed.

Get in touch to order your awesome event gamification tools and keep reading our blog for more ideas. We have the best trade show tips to ensure you get the full benefit of this powerful marketing tool.