3 Benefits of Gamification for Virtual Conferences

Do you think of eating as a game? Most of us probably don’t think about "leveling up" or "gaining points" for eating. But every mother knows that gamification is the easiest way to get a baby to eat. Do they know something the rest of us didn't? Yes—and that's...

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15 Alternatives to Virtual Events

"Quick! Let's put our event online!" Now you get to research platforms, analyze costs, train the presenters to be on screen... go! But what if your content didn't have to be an event? This is your time to get creative with your content. To experiment and explore fun...

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Press Releases

First Annual WINiT Conference a Success

This first annual conference for the WINiT (Women In Travel) group was held on Saturday July 26, 2014, in Los Angeles, CA, and was a clear success with hundreds of attendees on hand to network and learn.   “This group was founded this year with the goal of...

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Ohio State University Hosts 2014 NACCDO/PAN

SCANVENGER HUNT ENGAGES, EXCITES AND ENHANCES 2014 NACCDO/PAN CONFERENCE Organizers call SCANVenger Hunt the “perfect fit” for engaging sponsors and attendees   It’s a challenge many event organizers and meeting planners face: how do we increase our sponsors’...

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